Build trust with your loyal users

Let them Pay Later with Simpl

One click checkout

Even the best UX comes undone in the payment process. With Simpl, the user pays later. And you keep full control.

Failure rate < 1%

20%-30% payment failures are somehow considered normal. With Simpl, that rate is closer to 0%.

Bank-grade security

Don’t let the smooth UX deceive you. With every tap, multi-factor checks happen in the background.

A checkout funnel?

How about a checkout fire hose.

Regular checkout

  • Checkout page
  • Card details
  • OTP / 3D secure
  • Done

The friction begins Over 30 taps to fill out card details

More hoops to jump through OTP, 3D secure, i-PIN, the works.

Redirecting......... Poor networks + slow servers
= failed payments 😱

Time taken 120 Seconds

Simpl Checkout

  • Checkout page
  • Done

1 tap to buy No room for friction or failure
And voila, conversions go up 31%

Time taken 3 Seconds

Take back control of your checkout flow

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